Current Events

Performances and Readings:

August 21 at Debajehmujig Creation Centre and August 22 at the Manitoulin Conservatory for Creation and Performance. Two evenings of new work by Hines will be presented in staged readings.

Lime Green Kitten: Women Talking About Whatever it is Women Talk About (Formerly "The Bechdel Fail") Scenes and monologues for women, constrained by Alison Bechdel’s Bechdel Test. Conversations about the world. Winner of the 2014 Enbridge Playwright’s Award

Crawlspace A meditation on moral philosophy and 'real estate porn' based on National Magazine Award-nominated “House of Horrors” (Swerve Magazine). Sounds and musical score by Greg Morrison, Directed by Sandra Balcovske

ILK A Staged Readings in Onesies of a Stageplay for Three Animals.

The Dramaturg or Fifty Monkeys Maybe (working titles) A crie de coeur wrapped in a psycho-thriller wherein the pen is, indeed, sharper than the knife.

More details soon ...


Manitouin Conservatory for Creation and Performance. Go HERE.


Anagram from Pochsy Now in Post-Production

Keep Frozen/Pochsy Productions wraps "Anagram From Pochsy" Manitoulin Island shoot. And the edit has begun ...


Anagram of Pochsy will follow on the multi-award-winning shorts, My Name is Pochsy and A Tax on Pochsy (The Audit). Shooting on Manitoulin Island, in Toronto, Sudbury and in Calgary, Anagram of Pochsy will be a collection of commercial-length shorts featuring doomed mercury plant worker, Pochsy. These black little numbers will operate independently, and as a designer set.


Anagram Still

Pochsy's House in "My Name is Pochsy: An Industrial Film" (Still by Benny Zenga)